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Pioneering Polyimide Powder Innovation

At Duvelco, we stand at the forefront of high-technology polymer manufacturing, proudly incorporated and wholly owned by Goodwin PLC. With a rich heritage of invention dating back to 1883, our group of companies has amassed over a century of manufacturing expertise, and Duvelco emerges as a beacon of innovation within this legacy.

Our Flagship Creation: Ducoya®

Redefining Polymer Excellence

Discover the pinnacle of polymer technology with our flagship product range, the Ducoya G series. Meticulously researched, developed, and crafted to excel in high-performance, critical applications, Ducoya sets new industry standards. This exceptional polymer seamlessly integrates heat resistance, lubricity, dimensional stability, chemical and creep resistance and many other features, making it unparalleled in challenging and extreme environmental conditions.

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Crafting Excellence

Duvelco’s Specialised Polyimide Production Process

Since our establishment, Duvelco has honed and perfected a worldwide patent-pending, specialised polyimide production process. The result? We consistently manufacture a highly sought-after, exceptional product for challenging, critical applications. Our commitment to excellence ensures that Duvelco is a reliable partner in delivering unparalleled polyimide polymers.

Driving Innovation

Duvelco’s R&D Laboratory

As a specialist materials organisation, Duvelco boasts a permanently staffed Research and Development laboratory. Here, we explore, investigate, and test technical enhancements, pushing the boundaries of high-performing polymers. Ducoya is available in high purity, unfilled grades and special-purpose compounds tailored for specific applications.

Experience the Duvelco Advantage

Unleashing Possibilities in Polyimide Technology

Unparalleled Properties: Ducoya offers a combination of properties capable of replacing other materials such as metallics, ceramics and other polymers. The difference comes from the worldwide patent-pending technology used which gives Ducoya enhanced mechanical properties over alternate polyimides.

Unrivalled Expertise: Benefit from over a century of innovative technology and manufacturing excellence within our group of companies, ensuring unmatched expertise in high-performance polymer solutions for your application.

Cutting-Edge Innovation: Duvelco’s commitment to R&D guarantees access to the latest advancements in polymer science, driving innovation at every step.

Compounded Solutions: Enhance the properties of Ducoya through compounding, which aids, in a targeted way, to improve the productivity, quality, and economy of final products. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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Ready to elevate your projects with the power of Ducoya? Are you interested in customised polyimide solutions? Connect with us today to explore the endless possibilities that Duvelco brings to your high-performance applications.

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