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PMDA-ODA polyimide with 15% graphite encapsulated into the polymer. This combination is optimised for low wear and low friction tribological applications.

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Ducoya G021 Polyimide Polymers bagged and ready for manufacture
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G021: Polyimide with 15% graphite encapsulated into the polymer, combining low wear with balanced physical properties.

Ducoya® G021 is a high-performance formula with exceptional low wear and low friction qualities. This formulation has been specifically designed to withstand even the most challenging environments, including unlubricated and/or boundary-lubricated conditions over a wide temperature range from near absolute zero to over 400°C continuous operation in a favourable chemical environment such as hydrogen, methane or a wide range of solvents and other thermally stable molecules.

The physical strength and elongation properties that G021 demonstrates, along with low wear and low friction, make this polymer a primary choice for sliding and sealing applications, even at very high hydraulic, mechanical or pneumatic pressures. High elongation allows excellent conformance to sealing surfaces and simplifies assembly. Ducoya G021 can deliver prolonged resilience and reliability in industrial applications where the production of an entire manufacturing plant may depend on its endurance.

Ducoya polyimide polymers cover a broad spectrum of applications and disciplines, where the G range fulfils the requirement for high precision and durability. Whether purchased as resin powder to form within your organisation or basic shapes such as rods, tubes, and plaques that can be machined to your final parts or moulded directly into your finished parts, Ducoya can help your business succeed.

Based on data from a limited run of production batches, a number of important properties are significantly improved when compared to the market-leading brand. Such properties include wear resistance, compressive strength, elastic recovery, elongation at break and tensile strength, underpinned by significantly higher purity.

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