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PMDA-ODA polyimide with 40% graphite encapsulated into the polymer. Optimised for low thermal expansion and good thermal oxidative stability, combined with excellent wear and friction behaviour.

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Ducoya G022 Polyimide Polymers bagged and ready for manufacture
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G022: Polyimide with 40% graphite encapsulated into the polymer, providing unparalleled dimensional stability for design flexibility.

Ducoya® G022 has exceptional properties, including minimal thermal expansion and high thermal oxidative stability, making it an excellent choice for various applications. Its unique characteristics, such as excellent dimensional stability concerning changes in temperature and humidity, make it an ideal choice for components where precision and accuracy are critical for the success of a process. Additionally, its low-wear performance in environments that can also demand low friction makes it a popular choice among designers seeking to improve their products’ life and durability.

With Ducoya G022, designers can access a broader range of possibilities, enabling them to create superior products that perform exceptionally well in challenging environments.

Ducoya polyimide polymers cover a broad spectrum of applications and disciplines, where the G range fulfils the requirement for high precision and durability. Whether purchased as resin powder to form within your organisation or basic shapes such as rods, tubes, and plaques that can be machined to your final parts or moulded directly into your finished parts, Ducoya can help your business succeed.

Based on data from a limited run of production batches, a number of important properties are significantly improved when compared to the market-leading brand. Such properties include wear resistance, compressive strength, elastic recovery, elongation at break and tensile strength, underpinned by significantly higher purity.

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