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This innovation not only expands the utility of polyimides in challenging environments but also combines Duvelco's agility with innovative technological advancements.
Ducoya's Polyimide Powder range for hot compression moulding

What's the difference between polyamide and polyimide?

There is a world of difference between these two similar-sounding materials. Polyamide is a well-known and widely used engineering plastic, often referred to by its original brand name, Nylon. Polyamide uses include many applications, from cable ties and under-bonnet components to kitchen utensils.

In contrast, polyimide is a large class of exceptionally high-performance super polymers, almost the antithesis of polyamide. If your business could benefit from a new material bringing a vast range of beneficial properties, read on.

Not just another polyimide..

Until now, the polyimide market has seen limited awareness, limited material availability from a narrow range of suppliers, and very high pricing. Duvelco builds on 60 years of successful application of polyimides yet transforms the performance, availability, and pricing of this important molecular family. Ducoya thus opens a vast range of possibilities in demanding applications that can exploit the unique combination of advantageous properties.

Ducoya delivers technical performance exceeding that of the current market leader. If this is interesting, you may find the combination of Ducoya’s performance and Duvelco’s agility and innovative capability compelling.

The Ducoya difference

Inspired by the exceptional promise of polyimides, Duvelco, a team of dedicated engineers and scientists, was formed to overcome the market’s pricing and availability challenges. With a relentless focus on innovation, Duvelco is reshaping the dynamics of this valuable material group and unlocking its full potential for the benefit of all.

A remarkable, innovative step is required to achieve properties exceeding those of the market leader. The manufacturing of Ducoya uses a different solvent combination, utilising the extraordinary cleansing properties of supercritical carbon dioxide.

This new combination of solvents results in exceptional purity, enabling an advantageous combination of crystallinity, imidisation, and molecular weight distribution, which gives rise to Ducoya’s superior properties.

Pure, reused carbon dioxide is plentiful and inexpensive while not contributing to global warming or damaging the environment in the way that volatile organic compounds can. The efficiency of supercritical carbon dioxide in Duvelco’s manufacturing process transforms production economics, enabling a much more comprehensive range of commercially viable uses.

As you would expect for such an important innovation, this new process is patent-pending worldwide and supported by some trade secrets.

The most interesting features of the Ducoya G series

Manufacturers choose Ducoya to improve profitability by boosting product performance, driving sales growth, and decreasing costs through enhanced part life, improved reliability, and better off-design operation tolerance. As a result, high-volume manufacturing experiences fewer product returns and warranty claims. Low-volume specialist manufacturers can gain similar advantages by using semi-finished shapes made of Ducoya G series. Ducoya G series shapes machine easily into final parts with high precision and simplicity (machines in a similar way to brass).

Polyimides are well known for their broad temperature range. Ducoya G series excels over the temperature range close to absolute zero (-273°C) to an upper continuous operating temperature of 400°C in a favourable chemical environment. Temperature excursions up to 600°C are acceptable for short periods without significantly degrading the polymer’s long-term performance.

Duvelco’s patent-pending process enhances mechanical properties, especially toughness and elongation. Compressive and tensile strength significantly exceed those of the market leader.

In terms of tribology, wear resistance of polyimides is well known. Many skilled in the art say that polyimides represent the best-performing class of materials for tribological applications in a suitable temperature range.

Due to Ducoya’s enhanced characteristics and manufacturing process, as described above, Ducoya G series exhibits superior wear resistance compared to the market leader. At the same time, static and dynamic friction are not increased.

PMDA-ODA polyimide has very broad chemical resistance. Notable compatibilities include aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons, oxidising agents, including gaseous and liquid oxygen, the vast majority of solvents, including ketones, fluorinated and chlorinated species, synthetic and mineral lubricants, and formulated fuels such as Jet A-1, petrol (gasoline), diesel (including biodiesel), and hydrogen (liquid and gaseous). For full details of Ducoya chemical compatibility, register for Duvelco’s knowledge centre.

Electricity is an increasing part of the world’s energy mix. Ducoya helps enable the energy transition by providing excellent electrical and thermal insulation and high dielectric strength properties. Components made from Ducoya are tough and robust in a wide range of environments.

Ducoya G series is readily processed into semi-finished shapes and finished parts using standard industry techniques such as hot compression moulding, hot isostatic moulding, and cold compression moulding followed by sintering (commonly known as DF, direct forming).

For a comprehensive overview of Ducoya G series’ remarkable properties, visit our website,

Applications across industries

As you may expect from an invention with such a broad range of interesting properties as described in Duvelco’s knowledge centre, there is a myriad of potential applications. The most significant areas include aerospace and defence, semiconductor manufacturing, on-road and off-road commercial and passenger vehicles, and many harsh industrial environments.

You can find details of example applications on our website,


In conclusion, Ducoya is a testament to Duvelco’s commitment to innovation and excellence. This material can perform in very hot or very cold environments, resist chemicals, slide easily and provide thermal and electrical insulation.

Engineers and designers should consider Ducoya for the most demanding applications because of the combination of the remarkable properties of this innovative material.

Duvelco can meet the needs of industries looking for better performance and efficiency, resulting in higher sales and lower costs.

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